Supersonic, Subatomic Java

Java was introduced 25 years ago and remains one of the most popular programming languages. Quarkus allows you to utilize your Java skills to build supersonic (fast boot times), subatomic (low memory footprint) Kubernetes-native and serverless applications.

Developer Joy  

Developing applications with Quarkus is a joy with its unified configuration, live reloading, streamlined code, and native compilation capabilities.

The Quarkus community is excited to sponsor this hackathon and support the education and development of applications using the Quarkus framework and its 200+ extensions

Prize Categories

• Best Overall: $10,000
• Best Serverless App: $5,000
• Best Kubernetes-native App: $5,000
• Best IoT App: $5,000
• Best Modernized App: $5,000

Get Started Coding!

Be sure to share your experiences “Quarkifying” your app using #QuarkIt.  We will be sending out Quarkus swag during the hackathon to some of the best stories.


Participants must be at least 18 years old and live in an eligible country (see Rules for details)


Build (or update) a functioning open-source application that showcases the technical benefits of the Quarkus Java framework. 

All submissions will be eligible for the “Best Overall” prize category. Optionally, participants can select and submit their Quarkus-based application to one (1) of the sub-categories (below).

Optional Categories:

  1. Serverless
    Use the Quarkus Java framework to build an application based on serverless principles and architectures such as functions, scale to zero, and serverless eventing models. 
  2. Kubernetes-native
    Use the Quarkus Java framework to build a containerized application that takes advantage of Kubernetes features such as auto scaling, self healing, and automated deployments.
  3. IoT
    Use the Quarkus Java framework to build an IoT application (e.g. Alexa / voice assistant skills). 
  4. Modernized
    Modernize an existing Java-based application utilizing the Quarkus framework for improved memory efficiency, disk footprint, or startup speed. This category also includes creating an extension for an existing application library.

Don't Forget! As part of your submission, you must provide a demo video and a URL to your publicly visible code repository for judging and testing. Source code submission must be released under an OSI-approved license

Hackathon Sponsors


$35,000 in prizes

Best Overall

• $10,000 USD
• 30 min. virtual meeting with Quarkus Team
• Blog Post/Social Promotion

Best Serverless App

• $5,000 USD
• Social Promotion

Best Kubernetes-native App

• $5,000 USD
• Social Promotion

Best IoT App

• $5,000 USD
• Social Promotion

Best Modernized App

• $5,000 USD
• Social Promotion

Participation Prize (500)

• T-shirt for every eligible submitter (up to 500) ($10 USD value)Distributed virtually using codes to purchase swag from online shop

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson
Vice President, Red Hat Application Services

Jason Greene

Jason Greene
Red Hat Distinguished Engineer, Quarkus Community Leader

Katia Aresti

Katia Aresti
Java Champion, Red Hat Senior Software Engineer

Adam Bien

Adam Bien
Java Champion, Author, Consultant

Stefanie Chiras

Stefanie Chiras
Vice President and General Manager, RHEL Business Unit at Red Hat

Judging Criteria

  • Radical Innovation
    Are there features or techniques used that have not been previously observed in systems?
  • Level of Quarkification
    To what degree does the application rely on the Quarkus framework? Does it use unique features in expected or unexpected ways?
  • Ease of Use & User Experience
    How well does the application allow users to achieve goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use.
  • Potential Impact
    To what degree does the application enable or deliver progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage, extensive adoption, and market reach.
  • Category-specific Criteria
    Including the relevant criterion listed in the rules.

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